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Pediatric Acupuncture: Questions & Answers

Acupuncture is for everyone, and that includes kids! As parents, we want our children to be happy and healthy. If our little one gets  "an ouchie," we want to do all we can to make their pain go away. Are you curious about whether acupuncture can help your child? Read on...

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Conditions Treated

Acupuncture can address a variety of issues for children, just like it does for adults. Sometimes, conventional Western medicine hasn't quite worked as well as was you'd hoped, or more conventional treatment options don't sound like something you want to try. Acupuncture can be a great alternative because it is painless, drug-free, and effective. I can help your child deal with stress and anxiety (including exam stress), and help the body to heal itself more quickly from injuries, alleviate digestive issues, get relief from allergies, diminish the occurrence of recurrent ear infections, and more!

Do the kids let you do it?

Not always. I take time to develop trust, and follow the child's lead. If they don't want to be "tapped" with a needle, I won't do it. I will stimulate the points and energy channels with warmth, acupressure, or massage instead. I may also teach the parent techniques to use at home, and possibly suggest lifestyle/dietary changes. I strive to have the child to leave the visit feeling better, and the parent feeling empowered.

Is there a minimum age?

No. I can help colicky and teething babies, toddlers with sleep issues, kids with long covid, teenagers who need help to manage stress, and just about anything else you can think of. 

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I offer the option for a shorter Follow-Up Consultation at a reduced rate (30 minutes). If the visit goes longer, you will be charged the regular rate for an full Follow-Up Consultation. 

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