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Privacy Declaration

Personal Information

Welcome to Free Spirit Acupuncture & Wellness. You can visit my website without telling me who you are and without having to provide personal information. If you are interested in what I do, you can ask a question or make an appointment for a treatment via e-mail or WhatsApp. In doing so, you leave personal information. At Free Spirit, I make every effort to guarantee your privacy. This means, among other things, that I handle your personal and medical data with care and ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to this data.

Privacy Statement

As an entrepreneur, I am obliged to inform you about the handling of your personal and medical data, what happens with it, for what purpose, and how it is stored and secured. This is stated herein.

Security & Quality of Information

I use adequate technical and management procedures to keep information accurate, current and complete. If you indicate that certain information may not be used as a basis for further contact, I will respect that. This guarantees your privacy.


For a good treatment it is necessary that I, Annette Tapia-Cornet, as your treating therapist, create a file. This is also a legal obligation imposed by the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO) and the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).


Your file contains notes on the progress of your health and information about the treatments performed. Only I and the team at Praktijk Acupunctuur have access to your data.


Your file may also contain information that is necessary for your treatment and that I have requested from another care provider, such as your midwife, only after your explicit consent.


Use of Data

Some data from your file can be used for the following purposes:


* Financial administration;

* For anonymous use during peer review.

Sharing After Explicit Permission

Only with your explicit permission, would some data be shared with third parties, for example:


* to inform other healthcare providers, for example about how things are going or when the therapy has been completed;

* when referring to another practitioner;

* to provide you with news about the practice;

* for billing (Infomedics).


Your invoice includes information requested by insurers, so that you can submit your claim for reimbursement. Your name, address and place of residence, date of birth and date of the treatment, a brief description of the treatment such as “acupuncture treatment” and the costs of the consultation will be included.

When you visit me at Praktijk Acupunctuur, your billing will be handled by Infomedics. Their privacy clause (only in Dutch) states the following: Om rekeningen snel en correct te kunnen verwerken, delen wij uw gegevens met Infomedics. Uiteraard voldoen zij aan alle geldende wetten en regels rondom privacybescherming. En doen ze er alles aan om uw gegevens maximaal te beveiligen. Informatie over hoe Infomedics omgaat met de bescherming van privacygevoelige informatie vindt u op


When you visit this website, it may temporarily store some information on your computer in the form of a "cookie". Storing temporary data in a cookie helps to better tailor the content of this website to your needs and to increase user-friendliness. The data is stored in a temporary cookie. This means that the data entered by you will only be kept as long as you have opened your internet browser. The cookie is deleted when the browser is closed.

Links to Other Sites

This website and/or associated social media site(s) may contains link(s) to websites of other parties. Free Spirit Acupuncture & Wellness and Annette Tapia-Cornet are not responsible for the confidentiality, correctness, and completeness of the data on sites of other parties.

What Will NOT Happen to Your Data

Your data will not be sold to others. Your data will not be used to compile comprehensive visitor profiles. Your data will not be used for decision-making based on automated processing.

How Long Is Data Kept

The data in a client file will be kept for 20 years in accordance with the WGBO. 

Do You Want to View Your Data or Have It Removed?

Contact me and I will arrange it for you.

If, despite this information and all precautions, you see reason to do so: you may

object to the processing of your personal data and / or submit a complaint to

the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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