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Free Spirit participates in affiliate programs with the businesses below. These partnerships provide opportunities to help you make your way towards better health and well-being. Purchasing through the links on this website, or by using the Free Spirit kortingscodes, entitles you to discounted purchases. Contact Annette to discuss how you can incorporate some of these products into your treatment plan. 


Cerascreen is a young, German company that is now expanding into the Netherlands. They have developed an array of easy to use self-tests that allow you to check for things like histamine response, food intolerances, iron levels, corona antibodies, and more, from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you have to do is purchase your testing kit through the website (use kortingscode "freespiritacu10" for 10% off your order), take the test, and then you can bring in your results for us to discuss them and work them into your treatment plan. 

If you're not sure which test(s) are appropriate for you, contact Annette to discuss recommendations. Don't forget to use kortingscode "freespiritacu10" for 10% off at checkout.


Click on the logo at left to shop on the Vitakruid website. Use kortingscode "freespiritacu" to get 10% off your purchase.

Located right here in Hoofddorp, Vitakruid arose from the need to build a bridge between modern orthomolecular science and the age-old knowledge found in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Orthomolecular science has enormous knowledge regarding vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. Within this teaching, however, the overall herbal knowledge is far from adequate and principles from TCM can help balance things out. 

To get your personalized recommendations from Vitakruid, start by taking the Vitakruid Vitamin Test (Dutch only) on the Vitakruid website. Based on your answers, they will provide you with recommended supplements. You can also contact Annette to talk about  supplements and how to work them into your treatment plan. 

Commonly Recommended Items:
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